Cream of Tartar

Cream of Tartar is a byproduct of winemaking. It’s particularly helpful when dealing with a tricky recipe that tends to wilt, like meringue or a souffle. It’s a must-add to a lot of baking recipes because it also stops sugar crystals from binding together by activating the alkaline in baking soda.
Newman’s Own™ Cream of Tartar can be used for stabilizing egg whites and increasing their heat tolerance, preventing sugar syrups from crystallizing, to help vegetables keep their color during steaming or boiling, boosting citrus flavors in baked goods, and giving candies and frostings a creamier texture.
It’s often used in angel food cake, frosting, candies, sugar syrups, wine making, jam and jelly, and other baked goods and desserts.
• Not Bioengineered
• Kosher Certified
• 100% of Newman’s Own Profits go to Charity


3.25 oz