Food Information

We understand how important it is to know what's in the food you buy. That's why we make it easy to find information about all of our products.

To find complete ingredients and nutrition facts for our Food Products, for Beverages, and for Pet Food.

Additionally, we provide information about the presence of allergens, if any. The allergen summary below provides an easy-to-use guide to any major allergens found in Newman's Own products.

Newman's Own complies with the FDA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (Title II of Public Law 108-282). The Newman's Own, Inc. policy concerning food allergens is as follows:

  • If one or more of the major common allergens recognized by FDA are contained in a Newman's Own product they will be listed in the ingredient statement regardless of the level and whether or not directly added to the product or contained in another ingredient.
  • The composition of each ingredient will be reviewed for the presence of the major common food allergens recognized by FDA.

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An "X" means the product contains that substance.