Newman’s Own nourishes and transforms the lives of children who face adversity.

Fighting for kids since 1982

When Newman’s Own first began, Paul Newman declared that 100% of the profits would go to good causes.

The mission continues today through Newman’s Own Foundation. In total, more than $600 million has been donated to good causes since 1982.


Childhood hardship in America

Newman’s Own Foundation nourishes and transforms the lives of children who face adversity.

27M Children

under age 18 have had at least one significant adverse childhood experience1

1 in 6 Children

live in poverty; 73%
are children of color2

13M Children

live in food-insecure households3

40% of School-aged

children have at least one
chronic health condition4


Continuing Paul’s commitment to “Give It All Away”


Paul Newman was passionate about bringing joy to children. The work of Newman’s Own Foundation honors his commitment to improving children’s lives in these three areas.

Joyful Experiences for Children with Serious Illnesses

Joyful Experiences
for Children with
Serious Illnesses

Nutritious Food in Schools

Nutritious Food
in Schools

Nutrition Security for Indigenous Youth

Nutrition Security
for Indigenous Youth

Our Partners

Nourishing and transforming lives

These organizations all work to improve the lives of children. We are proud to help further their missions.



Real people experiencing real impact

Serious Fun camp - Lucas

Feeling the Camp Spirit

Going to camp for the first time can be scary. For kids with serious medical conditions, that first time can be even scarier.

Food and Identity - Paloma's Story

Food and Identity

FoodCorps alum Paloma Jones loves introducing students to new dishes and celebrating treasured familiar ones.


Continuing Paul Newman's
philanthropy legacy


Paul’s philanthropic legacy

Paul Newman applied his greatest commitment to and
derived his deepest satisfaction from his quiet work in philanthropy.

He used his influence, financial resources, and time to advance
humanitarian and social causes near and far.


Looking to join the action?

See the variety of ways you can take action to help kids who face adversity.

  4. National Survey of Children’s Health. NSCH 2018 19: Number of Current or Lifelong Health Conditions, Nationwide, Age in 3 Groups website. Accessed February 24, 2021.

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